• Innovation

    We are an organization that is relentlessly focused on safety and innovation. We believe that without innovation there is no progress. Our new drug delivery methods and cutting edge automated filling equipment allow us to be first to market with proven first-line therapies.

Blow Fill Seal

A Safer Filling Process for Our Respiratory and Injectable Products

Blow fill seal (BFS) is a sterile drug filling technology in which a plastic container is extruded and formed into the shape of the container, filled and then sealed. It's a fully automated process with no human interaction that takes about 5 seconds to complete. Because of the enhanced safety profile versus products filled in glass, BFS products have been rapidly accepted by patients and doctors across the world.

Doctors, patients and paramedical staff prefer using the twist-off plastic caps because it eliminates the risk of glass shards contaminating the medication and it's quicker to administer. Pharmacists and hospital administrators also appreciate the cost efficiency as plastic reduces breakage and shipping costs relative to glass ampoules.

Barrier Isolated Filling

Eliminating Human Interaction during Manufacturing

All our eye products are filled by a highly automated machine with barrier isolation. This eliminates human interaction and end product exposure to the environment ensuring a safer process.

Dry Powder Inhalation

Patient Safety and Convenience

We use a highly sensitive microdosing machine with 99% filling accuracy. Additionally, our usage of APIs and lactose along with individually weighed transparent HPMC capsules ensure our products are efficacious and effective. Furthermore, we test and validate the compatibility across the most widely available delivery devices locally, which eases unnecessary burdens on both doctors and patients.

Our Innovative Drugs

We addressed the main concerns of doctors, paramedical staff and patients by eliminating the risk of glass shards falling into the medication. Furthermore, we have formulated our product to be taken both orally and intramuscularly.

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Levalbuterol contains only the active enantiomer responsible for bronchodilation which allows greater potency with a lower dose. The greater potency enables a quicker onset and a longer duration of action. Furthermore, the lower dosing requirement causes fewer side effects.

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We were the second generic provider of this product worldwide. We provided doctors with a treatment that has 2.5x greater pain reduction compared to Diclofenac and is a superior antipyretic compared to IV paracetamol. In fact, injectable ibuprofen is the first and only U.S. FDA approved IV NSAID for both pain and fever.

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